Monday, July 22, 2013

How to stay hydrated during fasting month

I am the type of person who drink a lot. I sweat a lot and I can say that I often lack of energy because I'm not the type of person who do a regular exercise. During fasting month, I often have this dehydration problem.

A week before ramadhan, one of my non muslim friend asked me if we can drink when we fast. Told him that we can't eat, drink and smoke. He asked again, if we can't drink how can we stay hydrates? I simply tell him that we must drink a lot of water and try to avoid cold drink and caffeine. Nahh! How can I avoid drinking coffee specially? I'm a coffee lover!

So I go through some research. Green tea is the best way to keep us hydrate. So on the first week of ramadhan, I decided not to try green tea yet because I want to see if this time I can handle it. I can say I'm not. My lips n my skin starts to dry. I starts to feel dehydrated.

So today is 13th ramadhan. I started to drink green tea during sahur on 8th of ramadhan. Its true, my day went so well. I drink at least a small bottle (250ml) of green tea every morning, Alhamdulillah, I'm hydrate for the whole day. I can't avoid ice during fasting month, I must say.

Give a shot. Maybe it helps u guys too! Happy fasting and may u have a productive day.

Assalammualaikum :)
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