Tuesday, May 22, 2012


have you ever received harsh text? no, its not the words nor the sender that is hurt you the most. its the situation and the moment you read it. it happened to me quite a number of times. i'm just a human. i can't accept it. it hurts. really badly. its even worst when are you actually down with fever and having some rest. out of sudden you received a text with such words. am i being too emotional? no i'm not. he did apologize. i do forgive him. too bad, i am someone who can't simply forget everything. all the while, i've been keeping all your words to me. i accept it because i know i am not perfect, i did the same thing to you. this time? ......................................... i hope, when i wake up tomorrow, i forgot every single word that you gave me.

a girl with a broken heart.

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