Thursday, March 8, 2012

selamat hari wanita!!

ok semua tahu kan today hari wanita sedunia? sempena internation women's day 2012 ni, i would like to take this opportunity to show some appreciation to mom, my ladies and all the women out there, let's get together and rule the world! sekarang lelaki dah tak look down on us dah, we can do as much as men can do, am I right?

lets make it short cos i want to go out for lunch (he he he), sekarang mereka-meraka yang berkenaan sedang menganjurkan kempen bersempena dengan sambutan ini. jadi, pada semua perempuan-perempuan cantik dan juga lelaki-lelaki yang kacak bergaya yang sayangkan diri sendiri (untuk wanita) dan yang pecinta wanita (bagi lelaki) mari ramai-ramai click link dibawah untuk support campaign ittew. don't worry, it is not a spam or virus or whatsoever. kalau ada virus pun, virus-virus cinta. hiks! ok, come on people! do it now :)

"Don't tell me you don't like WOMEN:girls?: For International Women's Day 2012...
It's all about INSPIRING one another, from one role model to an aspiring young girl, one at a time.
In line with the 2012 International Women's Day theme - CONNECTING GIRLS, INSPIRING FUTURES; the WOMEN:girls' 10-day campaign aims to begin a connection to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE a new network of exchanges between young girls and women."

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