Wednesday, June 15, 2011

That Guy

Weird,its been a while I didn't feel this way towards guy. How to start the story eh? Ok actually, I've no known this guy for quiet sometime. 7-8 years back? I met him when I was 15. Then I we're get close to each other and he approached me..bla bla bla.. Its a very long story but in a short time. Kitorang couple sangat sekejap tapi perjalanan kitorang sangat complicated. Funny! For ME. Not for him! I broke his heart.

Then few days back, I added him on FB. I say Hi to. I don't expect that he still remember those days.Its just funny!it was like 7 years ago. He said its like yesterday. He seems to hate me. I tried to be nice.Don't know why but seriously, I feel guilty towards him. I did a big mistake I guess. I left a big scar on his heart.

So that night, I forced myself to meet him and try to act cool. We met! He remain to be the same person. We talk,we drink and we share lot of stories that night.I cut the night shorter than what we plan. The next day we met again but this time, he met my parents(dah pernah jumpa da 7 tahun lepas,so nothing la kan)

Now I'm confused with my feelings. I wanna be FRIEND and I guess he feel the same way too. Then friendship feelings only came when we're on the phone or bbm. The feelings change when he's right in front of my eyes. Owh,anyway, I adore his smile.his big teeth is just perfect but I don't like his voice tone. Hahaha.

I told him "hey! I miss ur teeth." He replied "I'm not perfect!" Then I replied "I'm not finding the perfect one but I'm finding the person who can complete me and me complete him. That's the reason God created a gap between each of the finger of our hands,so the other hands can fill the gaps!" There goes another serious conversation! Benci betul cakap dengan org mcm ni. I'm expecting him to reply "yes I know,I had a big teeth,that's my specialties :P"

P/s: budak gigi besar, I miss your teeth not you. Haha
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