Monday, May 9, 2011

Stronger is such a big slap for me once again.
I'm in the middle of feeling comfortable with what I have now. After what I heard this morning,I start to think about it once again. Do I have to stop my effort on making my life better just by having what I had now or I should not stop finding what's best?? Living in luxury, get what I want and stop thinking about all the debts after spending. Who never dream of that?

I am such an ambitious person. I thought I'd found the right path to achieve what I plan but unfortunately I'm not. I still can't full fill every single thing at the same time. At my age now,what I had now is enough to support my expenses and I can just sit down and lay back but living in KL? The answer is totally negative! For myself? My expenses,my debt I need to double up my pay!

I can't deny I'm a bad spender! I'm not a good financial manager. I can't see any future on me if I keep on living on this lane. I should stand up and run not walking if I want to start everything and finish it accordingly to my plan. I can't stop running until I can really the star I'm searching for. I guess,I'm running out of time! I really have to find a way to start the mission.

P/s: this note written in a bad condition of mine. I know I'm not supposed to write in this condition but its just a note as reminder for me. Hoping for the prayers from the world so I can really find my happiness and I'm praying for all of you who reading this! I know we have the same dream. Keep running!
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