Friday, May 20, 2011

The old you

I met this girl back in 2006.
We met in very unique situation.
This girl who put me in a very special place in her heart.
The girl who I'd die for.
The girl who understand me in anything.
The girl who so called best friend.

Now in 2011.
After 5 years we've been friend.
Share every single moment in life.
The girl I've lost.
The girl that no longer the same girl I met in 2006.
The girl who no longer put me in the same place in her heart.
The girl who ditch me away when I'm in a bad situation.
The girl who make me the last destination when there's no one is there for her.

Now I'm here alone.
Walking in the best memories that we'd create together.
Reminding the old time.
Now everything's gone.
I've lost her.
I've lost the best girl in the world.
I'm miss you girl.
If you read this,you must know,I never put you aside.
Never forget you as my best girl.
Never wanna see you sad.
Most important thing is,the girl who never wanna stop creating the memories :(

I miss you so much bestie.
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