Sunday, May 8, 2011

Momma's day

Ok entry ni not only for my mom but for all the mother..
Lagipun mama aku bukannya baca pun..
I've done my part as daughter.
Tadi buat note and stick kt fridge..
Maybe nothing for you but at least esok mama bgn boleh baca.

Khas utk omak-omak di luar sana:

Anda sangat lah bermakna dan sesungguhnya terlahirnya kami anak-anak di dunia ni kerana dirimu. You are everything to us mom! Your laugh sprinkles all the happiness to us and your cry can kill our soul slowly. No matter how hard you have to go through just to raise us up but nothing can stop you from giving us all the love in the world! There goes a day for you.

One day,I'll be like you.I will have my own kids.I may not be as tough as you but I will try to be the best mom just like you do mama. No fancy thing for you. No expensive stuff for you but nothing can beat the love for me to you. As always,thank you my dearest queen. You are the best of every single thing.

Lotsa Love momma!
Happy Mother's Day.
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