Monday, September 27, 2010

why it have to be that way huh!?

ok just now i read one status on make me thinking,kenapa eh bile bercinta tu,segala sayang mayang sume kita cakap.ok me one of like to write on fb just like some kind of appreciation.tapi sikit2 sudahla..tak mau sampai orang tahap muntah hijau kan..tapi i learn from the ex once said 'fb is not a place for us to express feelings special when it comes to personal thingy!' it took sometimes for me to agree..kenapa?sebab mula2 join tu,everyone express their feeling on makes me like 'whoah its cool to get many kind of comments!' but there's something bad happen..not everyone can take that in positive way and some kind of people suddenly start to argue bout it cos they thought me talking bout them..funny rite?ok back to the topic..this one guy stated his feeling towards his gf..i mean benda2 yg make people think,kejam betul gf dia padahal dia sgt sweet..isnt that funny?people starts to blame her..wth!?love is how u take it.either u take in positive way or negative can u be so confident that u already do ur best?dont u think by doing that,u are actually make people starts to make assumption bout happen in ur relationship?its ok to share but not too much..its not good..

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